BV ASE Session dates (2017- 2018)


Looking at the calendar, we can divide the year into 4 sessions.

Session 1- REVISED due to Fires:

September 11th through November 3rd (6 Weeks)

Enrollment starts September 5th.

October 9th to 13th are minimum days and classes will be canceled that week.  No school week of Oct. 23rd.

No school days: Professional day on Friday October 27th


Session 2 (New Dates!):

November 6th  to December 15th  (4 or 5 weeks)

Enrollment opens October 30th.  Friday classes are only 4 weeks due to holiday.

No school days: Friday November 10th is Veterans Day.  Thanksgiving break is Nov. 20th to Nov 24th. Winter break will be (Dec 18 to Jan 5).

Classes not running this session are: Knitting, Little Kid Art, Drama- runs 2 sessions


Session 3:

January 22nd through March 16th or March 23rd  (8 or 9 weeks)

Enrollment opens Tuesday January 16th at 4pm.  There is no school Feb 16th and Feb 19th (1 Monday and 1 Friday)


Session 4: 

April 9th  through June 1st   ( 8 weeks)

Enrollment open Tuesday April 3rd at 4pm.  Spring Break is March 26th to March 30th.  Memorial Day is May 28thth and the last day of school is June 7th.


Class times:

Art- 2:50- 4:20

Chess- 2:50- 3:50

Cooking- 1:20- 3:05

Drama- 2:50- 4:15

Fencing- 1:20-2:20

Knitting- 2:50- 4:00

Lego- 2:50- 4:20

Science (both Scientopia classes)- 2:50- 4:00

Spanish- 2:50- 4:10

Yoga- 1:20-2:20